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Australia From Space (DVD PAL)
Story Musgrave $29.95 AUD  

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Australia From Space
is a stunning journey through the spectacular geography of Australia, as witnessed by six time space shuttle astronaut, Story Musgrave. Hauntingly beautiful, this personal selection of around two hundred images is accompanied by Story’s poetic performance and the music of Australian composer Lance Lenehan. The presentation includes a high degree of educational content, English subtitles and geographic location markers.

Australia From Space: The Beauty, The Glory and the Sacred
By Story Musgrave, Anne and Lance Lenehan
$14.95 AUD   ISBN: 0975187309  SOFTCOVER 
Signed by Story Musgrave

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Poetry by Story Musgrave. Images by NASA.
This exotic, 64-page color book explores the unique beauty of Australia from space, with photographs taken by astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. Each of the photographs was selected by Story Musgrave, who is renowned for his space photography and his knowledge of geography. For this beautiful glimpse of the remote continent, he has written pertinent and poetic captions to complement each of the images.
The book is filled with spectacular colors, geographic and regional detail, off-shore islands and panoramic views of Australia from space. See our Space Books section to order.