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Meet some of our home-grown space educators!!!

Anne Buckland of Bendigo, Victoria, pictured with Australian astronaut Andy Thomas (centre) and her husband Hayden (left) at the 2009 Australian International Air Show is a space camp trained educator who inspires students with her knowledge and passion for space. Each year, Anne speaks to thousands of school students, in addition to astronomy groups and conferences delegates, about the history, the major milestones and the benefits of space science and technology. Anne has participated in Educator programs at the US Space Camp in Alabama and accompanied groups of Australian students on science-based excursions to the USA. Anne motivates students through her unique multimedia presentations and with the assistance of some rather rare pieces of memorabillia, including a real Russian spacesuit and a space shuttle tyre and tile. Anne's collection of space hardware has appeared from time to time at various exhibitions, including the International Air Show at Avalon, VIC, the Post Master Gallery in Melbourne and at various space-related conferences. Space Education Promotion is the name of Anne's highly-successful Victorian-based business.

Kerrie Dougherty is Curator of Space Technology at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, and Australia's only museum-based space curator, historian and educator. She combines a background in heritage management with a personal and professional interest in space exploration, science fiction and popular culture and she is a well-recognised author. Kerrie developed the Powerhouse's Space-Beyond This World exhibition, a world-first when it opened in 1988, bringing together examples of the space technology of the USA, the former-USSR and the People's Republic of China. The exhibit was redeveloped and reopened in 2008 and includes a zero-g simulator. Kerrie is a member of the Faculty of the International Space University, Strasbourg, France, and has lectured in 'space and society' studies for the ISU since 2001.

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